Tip size identification:

All airless spray tips have a three digit size guide for example 529.

The first digit indicate the width of the spray distribution or commonly the fan size, so in the above example the digit 5 – therefore you will be spraying at an angle of 50°

The second and third digits of the tip size indicate the size of the spray orifice, for example 29 matches an orifice of 0.029 inch or 0.736mm

Tip flow rate:

The flow rate of the tip depends on several factors, among them:

a)   The airless sprayers pressure psi/bar

b)   The used spray material

Higher the working pressure = higher flow

Always check your airless sprayer’s technical specifications before choosing an airless tip spray.

In the chart guide bellow you can see the suggested spray tips per unit & material:

Airless Spray Tip Size Guide VEZOS


Working pressure 138 bar - 13.8 MPa - 2000 psi with water
Delivery performance may vary depending on material thickness, hose length and diameter

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