How to sand a ceiling easy - drywall sander                                             

                                                                                                    VEZOS INNOVATION: Extreme working height

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Transform your drywall sander with VEZOS main extensions and gain an outstanding 7 meters working height!

How it works?


How to sand a ceiling easy - drywall sander

VEZOS Handysand drywall sanders, have been innovating in the sanding industry since 2004, offering contractors new technology and solutions, making the job easier and faster.

VEZOS suction effect enables the sander to grip to the surface allowing its user to simply drive the tool, instead of lifting the weight of the equipment. With its A.R.S. technology,

automatically regulating the suction force, the sander adjusts to each surface (wall / ceiling) providing the necessary suction each time.

So as we have the weight and lifting factor out of the way, the next step is to sand as high as possible without needing to use any scaffolding or ladders. This is possible

with VEZOS main and retractable extensions. No tools required to connect the drywall sanders extensions, simply screw the connecting nut on each extension by hand and adjust

the tools height. Transform the sander from a short neck version 97cm to a 7 meters working height avoiding time consuming scaffolding.

Transform: Short neck drywall sander                             


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Transform: Long neck drywall sander                             

long neck drywall sander vezos construction


Transform: Long neck drywall sander 4 meters working height

 professional drywall sanders vezos construction


Transform: Drywall sander amazing working height !

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