How to sand narrow hallways with a VEZOS wall sander

Handysand combo line wall and ceiling drywall sander offers its users multiple set up versions.

The challenge:

When sanding narrow hallways, using a standard drywall sander can be a challenge, due to its length, you need a compact wall sander in order to be able to sand without hitting against the wall, so VEZOS Handysand wall and ceiling drywall sander, can be set up in several different version in order to solve this challenge.

The Solution:

Use your Handysand combo line sander, as a compact version. Simply use the two main ends, the motor & head attachment.You now have a compact Handysand sander.

  • Tool Length – 97 cm
  • Working Height – 214cm

And when you need to that extra boost in length simple pull out the 45cm retractable extension and sand those high spots. Need more height? Add VEZOS main 65cm extensions and transform the sander from the compact 97cm version to an amazing seven meters working height sander. Active gripping effect, on all Handysand setup versions.