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VEZOS Transform Concept

So, what is VEZOS transform concept?

When designing a new unit, VEZOS engineering team makes sure that the new product differs from the competition, not only with the basic technical characteristic but also in use.

Innovative ideas that actually contribute to the industry and of course to the end-user.Thinking out of the box, making sure that the innovation is cost efficient is VEZOS primary aim.

Lets see some of those transformable ideas, that can only be found on a VEZOS unit:


  • R-LinePack Transformable line striping kit



Transform your hydraulic airless sprayer into a line striper with a simple kit. Save the cost of an extra unit!

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  • HS Combo Transformable Drywall Sander



Transform your drywall sander with VEZOS main extensions and gain an outstanding 7 meters working height!

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