Think different.Think strong!

Think different.Think strong!

Runner Hydraulic Paint and Texture Sprayer - Convertible and Compact

Runner Hydraulic Paint and Texture Sprayer - Convertible and Compact 


Hydraulic sprayers are heavy duty units, durable for the dirty construction environment.



A serious disadvantage to these sprayers has always been their size, a long cart that takes up too much space and makes the transportation a challenge on its own. 

VEZOS has decided to change this concept with the Runner Max & Pro Hydraulic Paint and Texture Sprayer. Runner has been designed as an upright structure, eliminating the carts length and size and inconvenience.


Easy to transport in any vehicle - Easy to move around in the construction site


Max Pressure & Flow

Choose the right sprayer for you, available in 250 & 330 bar max pressure and material flow from 6.4 - 12 l/min


Slow stroke pump

Runner Max & Runner Pro hydraulic sprayers are equipped with a fully chromed 10.5 cycles per liter slow stroke pump especially constructed for the heavy construction environment.


VEZOS T.C.S sYSTEM - Tunnel cooling system

VEZOS T.C.S. system ensures correct cooling to the whole unit, allowing the Runner Hydraulic Sprayer to perform under the correct temperature throughout the entire job.


COMPACT design

Innovative and changing the industry's mentality, VEZOS offers a new design in hydraulic sprayers.  Strong, Heavy Duty Structure



GAS & Motor power kits

Easy, no tool requiring convertible power kits, to instantly change on the spot. Simply convert the Runner power source depending on the construction site’s needs!


Spray all materials

Paint, Texture, Primers, Acrylics, Latex, Drywall Mud, Elastomeric coatings, Stucco Paste, Airless Plasters..


Convertible power kits for hydraulic paint sprayer Runner Max & Pro 




VEZOS Runner Max & Pro Hydraulic Airless Paint & Texture Sprayer - Dimensions 





Runner Pro & Runner Max Hydraulic Airless Sprayers