Think different.Think strong!

Think different.Think strong!

Drywall sander Handysand Combo wall and ceiling short and long reach sander

VEZOS Drywall Handysand Combo wall and ceiling sander is a multi-setup tool, offering its users the ability to transform the sander from a compact short-reach to a long-reach sander. Due to VEZOS extensions transforming the length of the drywall sander is a few second procedure, no tools required. Each main extension for the Handysand Combo wall and ceiling sander is 65cm long, allowing its user to add several extensions and reaching an amazing seven meters working height while sanding vertical surfaces.  Handysand Drywall sander is perfectly balance at all lengths.

VEZOS A.R.S. (Auto regulated suction) technology allows the Handysand drywall sander to grip itself to the surface and its user to sand without lifting the weight of the wall sander. When sanding ceilings, this automatic suction system allows the sander to move around the ceiling and adjust the suction force depending on the fine or rough surface; it simply has a mind of its own! All of the drywall sanders weight has been decreased and its user can simply drive the Handysand.

Connect the Handysand drywall sander to any branded vacuum for dust free sanding. VEZOS vacuum connectors eliminate the cost of purchasing a new vacuum collector. VEZOS suggests that for a perfect gripping effect on the Handysand wall and ceiling sander, use a dust collector between 1300-1400 watt, with a reliable self-cleaning system and a max. vacuum of 25000 pa.

All VEZOS wall sanders are equipped with a high-performance 750 watt motor for fast sanding on drywall, texture, paint, plaster, wooden floors, popcorn removing and all renovation or construction drywall jobs.

VEZOS drywall sander Handysand Combo & Basic Line are heavy-duty sanders, designed for long durability, manufactured by aluminum and setting the highest standard in the market.

Extra accessories can be added to the Handysand drywall sander such as retractable (telescopic) extension, handles, pressure releaser valves, vacuum hoses 32 & 38mm, transportation carriers etc.

VEZOS offers several editions to its wall and ceiling sander range, covering all painters and constructors needs.