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Airless Paint Sprayers
Nothing is impossible for the VEZOS design team. When all other airless manufacturers offer electronic paint sprayers, VEZOS eliminates sensitive electronic controls and introduces the first entry level hydraulic airless worldwide. DURA LC is hydraulically operated, powered with 1hp, 1.2.hp & 1.5hp electric motors and with an outstanding 2” hyper pump stroke, ensuring painting contractors maximum delivery and durability in a small hydraulic paint sprayer.

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Line Striping Machines
VEZOS Hydraulic line stripers feature an entire series of innovative solutions especially designed for the road marking industry.
From simple conversions such as rear gun mounting to foldable chassis, double ride striping seat, increased visibility and VEZOS T.C.S technology.
ProStripe line stripers are covered with VEZOS manufacturer warranty plan, ensuring precision, durability and
long life duration.

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Drywall Sanders
Drywall sanding has never been easier, VEZOS Handysand Combo line has an active suction force, allowing the sander to grip to the ceiling while its users simply drive the tool instead of lifting its weight. VEZOS Handysand drywall sanders have a long and steady history in the sanding industry, first presented in early 2000. Today VEZOS Handysand Combo line offers, new innovations such an outstanding 7 meter working height, multiple griping effects and a transformable tool length option.

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Line Striping Kit
Transform your business, transform you airless, transform your profit. VEZOS exclusive invention allows housing and commercial painting contractors to expand their offered services. R-LinePack line striping kit, can be connected to all VEZOS large hydraulic airless sprayers, without the use of any extra tools, transforming the sprayer into a line striper in seconds. Line striping services to commercial parking lots, schools and residential parking spaces can now be performed without purchasing an extra unit.

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Forget electronics … run with hydraulics!


VEZOS specializes in hydraulic airless systems. Commonly a hydraulic airless sprayer will target large paint contractors that work with thick materials and under high working pressure. That means that large contractors get a heavy duty airless, durable to the harsh construction environment. VEZOS believes that all painting contractors should get the same treatment, therefore no matter the painting job sizes that you take on as a professional painter; you can always find a durable airless sprayer in our range. From small electric airless sprayers to heavy duty pumps, VEZOS has every contractor covered.


How to sand a ceiling easy - drywall sander                                             

                                                                                                    VEZOS INNOVATION: Extreme working height

handysand-drywall-sanders-vezos                                             drywall-sanders-7metres-vezos


Transform your drywall sander with VEZOS main extensions and gain an outstanding 7 meters working height!

How it works?


How to sand a ceiling easy - drywall sander

VEZOS Handysand drywall sanders, have been innovating in the sanding industry since 2004, offering contractors new technology and solutions, making the job easier and faster.

VEZOS suction effect enables the sander to grip to the surface allowing its user to simply drive the tool, instead of lifting the weight of the equipment. With its A.R.S. technology,

automatically regulating the suction force, the sander adjusts to each surface (wall / ceiling) providing the necessary suction each time.

So as we have the weight and lifting factor out of the way, the next step is to sand as high as possible without needing to use any scaffolding or ladders. This is possible

with VEZOS main and retractable extensions. No tools required to connect the drywall sanders extensions, simply screw the connecting nut on each extension by hand and adjust

the tools height. Transform the sander from a short neck version 97cm to a 7 meters working height avoiding time consuming scaffolding.

Transform: Short neck drywall sander                             


 transform logo vezos


Transform: Long neck drywall sander                             

long neck drywall sander vezos construction


Transform: Long neck drywall sander 4 meters working height

 professional drywall sanders vezos construction


Transform: Drywall sander amazing working height !

handysand-sanders-vezos construction



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