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Deck Scarifiers VEZOS Construction

VEZOS has been manufacturing deck descaling machines since 1970, offering marine equipment to all major Mediterranean shipping companies for five decades. Over the years and with the knowhow of the industry, VEZOS has developed its ProGrind deck scalers range, now available in electric, petrol & pneumatic.

VEZOS deck scalers are ideal for removal of rust, scale, adhesives & paint from steel surfaces preparing the deck for re-coating.

ProGrind – Deck descaling units

progrind electric scarifiers vezos - impa 591210 - impa 591211 - impa 591212

VEZOS ProGrind scarifiers are designed for high productivity due to the heavy duty construction of the equipment and interchangeable drums, located in the front of the unit, leaving the less possible untreated surface and reaching close to the edge of the surface. 


·          Electric / Gas / Pneumatic

·         3 phase – 1 phase

·         Working width 120mm – 250mm

·         Powerful motor / Honda engine

·         Adjustable working height

·         Interchangeable cutting drum  

ü  Chains

ü  Cutters

ü  Wire brushes

ü  Beam cutters

ü  Milling cutters

ü  Star cutters

ü  Tungsten carbide tipped cutters

ü  Diamond cutters