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SKU: 24.2206020  /  Product Availability: Yes  /   Manufacturer: VEZOS

DURA LC 300 Stand series is the first hydraulic 1 hp powered airless sprayers in the industry. VEZOS provides light and mid range housing contractors an alternative to classic electric sprayers, reducing service downtime and expensive electronic part replacements. Equipped with VEZOS new Hydrex 2” length slow stroke pump for maximum delivery and increased suction no matter the application. DURA LC airless paint sprayers combine VEZOS heavy duty hydraulic technology in a small package!

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Airless Paint Sprayer DURA LC 300 Stand

Part Number 24.2206020
Max Working Pressure  230 bar/3350 psi
Max Flow Delivery 2 lit/min - 0.54 gpm
Max Tip Size 0.023 in
Power 1 hp
Motor 230 volt electric
Pump 2" stroke length
Cart Heavy duty
Dimensions 44*35*45 cm





Interior acrylic paint
Exterior paints



Light commercial painting
Small - medium touch up jobs
Exterior / interior house painting
Property maintenance
Medium to light jobs



Hydraulic operation
Stand & High Cart version
2” pump stroke
1 horsepower motor
No broken electronic parts
Increased material per spray
No power fluctuations
Longer stroke - better delivery
Intended for harsh environment


Professional performance with the 1st hydraulic mid range airless sprayer 1hp. VEZOS trend changing small hydraulic airless paint sprayer, offers light commercial painters a true pro unit to get the job done. Equipped with VEZOS Hydrex linear piston pump, TCS technology and heavy duty features, this entry level airless spray will become your everyday partner.

DURA LC airless paint sprayers, are ideal for all types of internal and external paint coating applications. Due to VEZOS innovative hydraulic technology, it is now possible to get the maximum performance out of a small spray.

DURA LC models are equipped with a built-in filter, pressure adjuster and drain valve. All models include 15 meters of paint hose, airless spray gun and tip. Choose between a high cart or stand edition, depending on your average job needs.


Hyper Stroke Factor

* 2” pump stroke

* Longer stroke, increased suction, better delivery

* 200% plus stroke compared to competition

* Slow stroke pump, increased material per spray

* Extreme inlet size for acurate pumping


DURA LC sprayers are hydraulic!

Yes, VEZOS has once again innovated and is able to offer light and mid range contractors, a heavy duty hydraulic unit wrapped up in a compact package.


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