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Discover VEZOS mid-range hydraulic paint sprayers. 
DURA hydraulic texture & paint sprayers are the industry's first medium size hydraulic airless sprayers, with an optional built-in filter, depending on the material you are working with. DURA HC sprayers offer medium to large size contractors, an airless sprayer, tailored to meet their own specific requirements. 

DURA HC 800 4hp

Reliability & high productivity! Specially designed for medium to large size contracting projects, DURA HC STD 800 airless paint sprayers are hydraulically operated, eliminating power fluctuations, expensive electronic repairs and heavy material coating limitations. Spray high viscosity materials, texture, mud & paints.
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DURA HC 600 3hp

A heavy duty hydraulic airless sprayer, ideal for internal and external spraying applications, with zero emission and a high productivity rate. DURA HC STD 600 is powered by a 3HP electric motor and VEZOS "Black series pump" enabling the sprayer to work with heavy & think materials under high pressure, avoiding material clogging. 
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DURA High-Flow

Accept no settlements, when it comes down to a professional hydraulic pump, VEZOS TCS technology, upright design & hard chromed piston pumps are only a few of the features that make this edition a top of the range choice. DURA High-Flow 800 sprayer is powered by a 4HP electric motor offering an outstanding 10.1 lit/min material flow at 177 bar! 
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