Road Master Truck Mounted

Models 9.5 - 38 lit/min
Line striping mounted systems - Fully retractable  

VEZOS Road Master truck mounted line stripers, can be adapted to any truck or trailer with 4 simple bolts. The entire road marking system is built as a one piece unit, making it possible for road marking contractors to easily connect the frame to their vehicle. Available in several models, depending on contractors average jobs or even budget. 

  • All in one frame
  • Fully retractable chassis 
  • Easy to set up 
  • Road marking applications, one man job
  • Auto or manual operation 
  • Double sided bead system 
  • Line striping controller & monitor 
  • Double beam arm bracket 
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Moving Along...

How many times, did you just need to move the truck just a few miles down the road and just could not bare to the thought of dismantling the entire system for a few minutes?
No need to! V
EZOS cleaver foldable chassis has the solution. Slide the arm bracket to the middle of the beam and lift it up... yes its that simple!  

Select line patterns, monitor your material consumption and life long job data. Combine the line controller with VEZOS camera & monitor kit. Road striping is a one man job! 
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VEZOS Road Master striping equipment offers road painting contractors high productivity, steady and accurate lines. The entire system is fully retractable, with a frame box type including the hydraulic system, paint pumps, Honda engine & air compressor. The arm bracket, mount system and beam all folds up into the vehicle for easy transportation and storage.
Road Master truck mounted system, can be operated entirely by one person. 
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