Tow-Behind Line Striper Rider FLIPDRIVE TB

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Line Striper double ride method FLIPDRIVE rider is one of VEZOS latest innovations offered to the industry. The FLIPDRIVE can be easily connected to all self-propelled ProStripe models. Carefully designed, the PROSTRIPE Self-Propelled striper with FLIPDRIVE rider attached, increases visibility even when striping with the bead hopper attached. Choose between a sitting or standing position increasing the visibility of the road. VEZOS PROSTRIPE offers a panoramic view of the job site & eliminates the blind areas, even in sitting position with the bead hopper on!

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Tow-behind Line Striper Rider FLIPDRIVE TB


Equipped with industrial 6 ply tires durable for road marking paint & materials. Lift the lever and transform the FLIPDRIVE into a ride along platform.

vezos line striper rider seat flipdrive



Innovative thinking! Transform the FLIPDRIVE ride
into a standing platform by simply lifting the rider
leaver & gain the best control over the complete unit.


Take advantage of its hidden away storage space,
to store your tool box. When operating in a sitting
position, you can carry along road cones or even a
gas tank. Striping is a one persons job!


When operating in a standing position,
you gain the best visibility of the entire
job-site, without any limitations.
Test this even with the bead hopper in place
and be amazed with the panoramic view.



vezos line striper rider seat flipdrive




Connect the FLIPDRIVE line striper rider to all self-propelled PROSTRIPE models
and enjoy the ride.




Double ascent ride | sit – stand ride along

Tow behind attachment

Rear extra space for cones or gas tank

Hidden tool compartment with anti-slip surface

Hydraulic oil reservoir with two divided sections & oil
level indicator

Anti-vibrations control







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