Self Propelled Line Striper Driver PRODRIVE HD

SKU: 23.9115502  /  Product Availability: Yes  /   Manufacturer: VEZOS

PRODRIVE HD line striper driver can be adapted to all brand line stripers due to its multi-adjustment settings and self-propelled system. A retractable rear storage platform allows its users to bring along cones, paint or gas tanks, making sure that your striping job is nonstop. The PRODRIVE driver seat offers several unique features such as a ''HD POWER GENERATOR PACK'' (180watt - 12volt) & a multi-adjustable sitting positioning.

*Photos may contain features that are not included on the standard edition of the product.*

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line striper driver VEZOS PRODRIVE HD


Multiple adjustment settings for all riders
Adapts to all stripers (US & EU)
HD generator pack (180 watt-12volt)
Self-propelled system
Tilt engine cover, full inspection & tank refill
HONDA engine pull or electric start.
Comfortable high backrest seat with safety
contact switch and positioning settings


Engine: HONDA GX200 6.5 hp
Options pull start or electric start
Speed: Operation & Reverse
Max. 16 km/h (10 mph) & 10km/h (6mph) reverse
Fuel tank capacity: 3.6 lt (0.95gal)
Hydraulic oil reservoir capacity: 2.7 lt (0.71gal
141cm x 73cm x 115cm (h) | 55" x 28" x 45"


PRODRIVE HD self-propelled driver is fully
adjustable, making sure that all users find the
correct sitting position and allowing them to
concentrate on precise lines.


  • Height (multiple scales)
  • Inclination
  • Sitting length, slide draw bars

prodrive-available-led-lightsHITCH KIT ADJUSTMENTS

  • Height (multiple scales)
  • Length


3 positions = 3 size storage options
no tools needed, just unsecure the knobs


 line striper driver VEZOS PRODRIVE HD

line striper driver vezos prodrive hd - tilt cover engine 



Tilt cover design, for easy
access to gasoline engine,
hydraulic oil reservoir and
hidden storage compartment,
simply line side level.






Adapt VEZOS "POWER PACK" to any
PRODRIVE HD ride along driver and
light up the job site with a
180watt - 12volt power source.





vezos self propelled line striper driver PRODRIVE HD


PRODRIVE HD SP driver has a large retractable storage platform at the rear end, this way users can carry along cones, gas tank or even give a friend a ride :) A hidden storage space can be found by tilting the engine cover.

Powered by a reliable HONDA GX engine and offered as a manual pull or electric start unit. Its self propelled system ensures a 16 km/h drive speed and accurate brake system activated with a foot pedal located at the front of the unit.

PRODRIVE HD ride along driver can connect to all PROSTRIPE line stripers with its heavy duty hitch kit. Of course VEZOS design team did not leave it at that, due to its adjustable concept the PRODRIVE HD can connect to any branded striper.


Graco Line Driver HD Ride-On Attachment - Titan Lazy Liner Elite - Self Propelled Line Striper Driver 


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