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DURA LC Hydraulic airless electric paint sprayer

Why Hydraulic?



Hydraulic airless units have been designed for heavy duty applications.

Commonly a hydraulic airless sprayer will target large painting contractors that work with thick material and under high working pressure.

That means that large contractors get an airless sprayer ideal for the constructions harsh environment,

leaving the rest of the industry’s painter to have to deal with electronic sprayers

that cause often break downs and repairs that cost! 

 heavy duty airless paint sprayer vezos
 industry's 1st hydraulic 1hp airless paint sprayer - vezos


VEZOS believes that all painting contractors should get the same treatment when they invest in their business’s equipment;

therefore why not design an airless sprayer that is the real deal for all professional painters.

DURA LC is the first hydraulic 1hp airless sprayer that features all heavy duty advantages wrapped up in a small package.

An airless sprayer designed for you, as it should be!



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