Drywall Celing Sander Handysand Smart Combo

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Wall Sander Handysand Sander Electric

Drywall sander Handysand is a self-gripping wall and ceiling sander. Equipped with a powerful 750 watt motor, this sander can grip to the ceiling and allow its users to sand high ceilings without the use of any scaffolding, ladders or stilts. Handysand Combo Smart edition wall and ceiling sander starts off as a 97cm sander and reaches an estimated 3.27 meters working height. This smart set up drywall sander can transform its length in seconds by adding or removing extensions. For extra height, simply add extensions and reach an amazing working height!

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Handysand wall & ceiling sander by VEZOS

A multi-setup sander, Handysand can transform in length by simply adding or removing extensions. Starting off at 97cm and gradually achieving an amazing seven meters working height. No scaffolding involved, no wasting time & money, simply add main extensions to achieve the desired working height. Sanding ceilings used to be a difficult job; due to the Handysand A.R.S. Technology (Auto Regulated Suction) this worry is now in the past, the Handysand Hangs to the Ceiling! Yes, simply direct the wall sander and by gripping itself to the surface, sand without lifting any weight.A special wall/ceiling valve will indicate the sanders suction and provide the grip it needs depending on the surface.Soft grips and handles can be a helpful plus to the wall sander, giving its user a better grip to the tool.


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Packages Includes

icon HD head complex 1 piece

icon Motor complex 1 piece

icon Main extension 65 cm 1 piece

icon Retractable ext. 45 cm 1 piece

icon Transportation case Optional

icon Grip on handle 1 piece

icon Vacuum connector 32 mm 1 piece

icon Vacuum connector 38 mm Optional

icon Vacuum hose 38 mm Optional

icon Pressure releaser Optional



Part Number 23.5011201
Handysand Edition Combo Smart
Sander Line Combo Line
Sanding Type A.R.S Self Grip
Rated Power 750 watt
Voltage 220/110 volt
Speed r.p.m 550-1350
Drive Cable 8mm
Power Cable 5m
Weight no Extension 4.2 kg
Weight 2 Extension 4.9 kg
Overall Length 207 cm
Working Height 327 cm



  drywall-sanders-barecombo-vezos drywall-sanders-comboxxl-vezos drywall-sanders-smartcombo-vezos
Part Number 23.5011200 23.5111101 23.5011201
Model Combo Bare Combo XXL Combo Smart
Rated Power 750 watt 750 watt 750 watt
Voltage 220/110 volt 220/110 volt 220/110 volt
Speed rpm 550-1350 550-1350 550-1350
Drive Cable 8mm 8mm 8mm
Overall Length 162 cm 272 cm 207 cm
Working Height 282 cm 392 cm 327 cm




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